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Amanda, Micheal, Wendy, James, Bobby and William Duke.

The Duke Family-Treasure Hunters

Traveling to interesting places across America in search of cool and exciting items of history, rarity and value. We are Market Makers. We make cash offers on just about anything of value. With full transparency, free appraisals and a fast fun environment. 

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Buying Old Coins and Collections

The Duke family have been involved in rare coins and currency collecting for over 30 years. As Major National Coin Buyers we have traded in millions of dollars of Numismatic Rarties. WIth connections and relationships with many of the Nations Top Auction Companies and Dealers. We have a READY MARKET for everything coin related. From Wheat Pennies to Rare Gold, Proof Sets to One of a Kind Rarities. 

Top Dollar for Precious Metals

Since 2003 the Duke family has traded in excess of $50,000,000 worth of Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. With Direct Relationships with National Refineries we pass the Majority Value to the You the Consumer. We offer the Nations Top Value for all Bullion related items too! 

In Search of Content for ATB Reality TV Series

In Search of America's Treasure!

Life is short, that is why at America's Top Buyer we try to enjoy every minute. Everything we do we try to do as a family. Traveling to new and exciting parts of this great country, meeting friendly folks and hearing their stories about all the cool treasures they possess. Nothing could be better than being Treasure Hunters! Now we get a chance to film our adventures and produce our Own Online Mini-Series. ATB Reality TV in pre-production.

Open to the Public Local Film Events

Winter of 2018 America's Top Buyer resumes our series of Traveling Modern Day Treasure Hunter events. Our Nationally Promoted Events will soon be coming to a convention center near you. Here you can meet the cast and crew, get free appraisals on all your treasures with on-the-spot cash offers. If your stories are interesting enough we might ask you to be a part of Reality TV history. 

House and Bank Appointments

We get many calls from families with collections too large or too valuable to bring to an event. The Duke family loves to do house and bank calls. Where you get 100% of our undivided attention. We never cherry pick and always make offer to buy ALL you wish to offer. If you have the most interesting collection or estate we would love to bring the camera crew and hear all about it. But it's not a requirement to be filmed in order to do business with us. 


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