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James and Wendy Duke


James hails from the big town of Omaha NE. Has been a coin collector since age 12 and still enjoys collecting today. Wendy is from Ypsilanti MI and keeps busy as a mother of four and home maker. 

Amanda K. Duke


Amanda is living the life of Riley in Honolulu. An active surfer she can be seen riding the waves of Waikiki daily. Amanda supports herself as a professional nanny when she isn't helping the family with ATB. 

Bobby Duke


As the oldest of the Duke boys Bobby is learning the family business as a buyer trainee. When he's not working with Dad he loves to go fishing. One day he hopes to be a professional fishing guide with our cousin in West Yellowstone. 

William Duke


A chip off the old block, William Duke is a true young entrepreneur. Involved with the community as founder and CEO of the Valley Youth Work organization. William is learning the business consultant trainee. We look for BIG THINGS out of Billy, ooops, sorry William.  

Michael Duke


At an early age Michael is already a ranked player online. One of the Top Call of Duty players in the country. Michael says with the money he makes in gaming he's going to buy a mansion we all can live in. Looking at my retirement account I may have to hold him to that.